FUCKING TO LOVE-RU DARKNESS. AAAH I LOVE YOU BUT DAMN YOU’RE SUDDEN CLIFFHANGERS… Oh, I squealed like a little bitch when Lala saved the shit out of Rito. Again, more proof that Lala is powerful, just doesn’t like to use it. I fell in love again. Dammit.

C’mon. Really now. We all know he asked to have that on there. Just like how there are little things that even Robert Downey Jr. put into The Avengers.

(via clopez)

I love Manga. I love Anime. I’ll keep saying it until I die. I finally got a chance to finish Full Metal Panic! Sigma. And what a series. The Manga was just intense. And everything fell into place so well. Another satisfying series that I would love to have on my shelf.